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Minoan Pottery - Konstantinos Houlakis

Minoan Pottery, located in Thrapsano Crete Greece, welcomes you to its website, where tradition and art transform handmade pottery into timeless masterpieces, reflecting the rich cultural history of the Minoan civilisation. The history of pottery art in Thrapsano starts in the distant past.

Thrapsano is referred as “The village of potters” in official papers of 16th century underlying its long-lasting tradition in hand-made pottery.

Nowadays, the production of pots and ceramics is still continued in our workshop “Minoan Pottery” in Thrapsano, following the traditional patterns and techniques. The same movements of the hands, the same tools, and the same relationship between the chief potters and their apprentices. Even if we use modern tools, they only serve the pace of the line of production without affecting the quality of our pots.

Our Products

"Minoan Pottery" manufactures the well known Cretan ceramics in a wide variety of jars and pots. Our products are :
  • High grade hand thrown pottery
  • High aesthetics
  • 100% ecological and environmentally friendly pots (with unique materials the Cretan soil and water baked in a traditional kiln)
  • High durability in time, and in extreme climatic conditions (ice, moisture, heat, sudden temperature changes, etc.)

Our Perspectives

Our company makes steps forward by:

  • Providing a high standard of service (excellent customer care & after sales service)
  • Upgrading continuously the production line
  • Participating in international exhibitions and European programs

Our Commitment

To ensure excellent cooperation with our customers, "Minoan Pottery" places:
  • Strict control over all phases of production
  • Particular emphasis on packaging process and shipment of products.

Having set as primary objective the credibility, our company follows an evolutionary path, developing continuously the infrastructures and the means needed, to deal in complete severity of its obligations to its customers, while being very competitive in the broader ceramic business field.